Full spectrum Led grow lights with Timer and Remote Control

Full spectrum grow lights with timer 1-20 Hours, 280 LED Super Brightness VEG/BLOOM/FULL 3 Model For Different Grow Stages,Adjustable Brightness. Remote Control, Metal aluminum radiator shell No Fan ZERO Noise Long-life.

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Up to 50,000 hours
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Led Grow Light Bulb
280 Led super bright

2021 Upgraded Timing Grow Light Bulb , No noise, lighter weight, modern-designed,equipped with 280pcs powerful LEDs in a scientific light spectral ratio provided quality high-intensity light that optimizes your harvest yield.

Full Spectrum Led Grow Light:

Color include: 630nm: 184pcs, 460nm: 80pcs, 600K: 6pcs, 3500k: 6pcs, 395nm:2pcs, 740nm:2pcs

VEG/BLOOM/FULL 3 Model for Different Grow Stages

Seedling: Mode=VEG, Light Intensity=25-100%, Photoperiod=15-16hr/day, Hanging Height=18-24ft
Flowering: Mode=BLOOM, Light Intensity=50-100%, Photoperiod=12-14hr/day, Hanging Height=18-24ft
Harvest: Mode=FULL, Light Intensity=75-100%, Photoperiod=12-14hr/day, Hanging Height=18-24ft
Please observe and record your plants regularly, adjust the height in accordance with plant's need.

Timer Setting And Remote Control

Easy way to set the working time which we want the led grow light bulb to work on per day by pressing the figure keys on the remote control.One time setting, endless use,the Grow Light Bulb will at the same time-point smartly and automatically turn on and turn off per day.It is extremely smart and convenient.We can also dim or brighten the brightness of the grow light by pressing the bright adjust keys on the remote controller.
Led Grow Light Bulb

High-end Quality And Longer Lifespan

The grow lights for indoor plants full spectrum are made of good quality of material,aviation aluminum as heat-sink,No Fan ZERO Noise,unique Flake structure design to obtain an excellent heat release.grow light bulb won't cause a high temperature with a long time of using, So grow light bulbs won't harm your plant and it will efficiently prolong the its lifespan
Led Grow Light Bulb

Led Grow Light Specifications:

LED Quantity: 280 PCS Grow LEDS
LED Color: Full Spectrum
HID Replacement: Replaces 200W HPS/MH
Actual Power:5W~50W±5%
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Lifespan: More than 50000 hours
Coverage:2.5 x 2.5ft
Dimensions:4.7" x 4.7" x4.8"
Product Weight: 0.99 lbs


Indoor use only, not water-proof.
No extra ballast is needed, plug and play.
It is controlled by Remote Controller.
Extremely bright, do not look directly when the light is working.

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Customer reviews

keonima Molina
Nov 23,2021
Easy and simple
A great alternative to a grow light. I have a clip-on light fixture and needed a full spectrum bulb for one plant. Easy and done! Works great. Thank you!
Nov 23,2021
Low heat output
It's a simple light that is easy on seedlings and clones. The absolute best part is that the thing just doesn't seem to heat up at all.
Nov 21,2021
All I can say is WOW
With all the functions, dim-able. and different modes. The timer is off a little. Like I set it for 12hrs for bloom cycle at 8am, the next day it came on at 8:05, next day 8:10. ECT. So every week I reset it to 8am. Other than that I'm very happy, and so are my indoor plants.
Nov 20,2021
love the timer function, color change
a bit pricey and hope it lasts but really like this functional bulb for plants.
Trevor Wilcox
Nov 19,2021
Excellent LED grow light!!
I really like this plant light, it is very bright, and the plants look very happy. the timer setting is very simple.Very happy with the timer functionality (no need to manually turn on and off. The inbuilt timer function can take care of our needs),Choice of switching between the spectrum of lights (Blue vs Red or both) so that the user can have a choice of using for flower plants vs green leaf plants.On the other hand, the dimmer's function is fantastic, and can be easily controlled by the remote control. It feels very powerful.
Nov 19,2021
The perfect plant-sitter.
I love this light. I use in the dark winter months to make sure my plants get as much light as possible. My windows face east so I set a timer for a few hours to go off in the afternoons. It’s also great for when I go out of town and I have to keep my shades partly drawn to keep my plants from being sun burned. Love the remote, love the timer, love the low-energy LED, love the intensity and light-type customizability, love the reliability and dirability.
Scotty lucky
Nov 18,2021
One of a kind, Best ever!
Exactly what I was looking for plus more and easy to use instructions! Would definitely recommend for others! The timer function works great and the 3 different modes and brightnesses are amazing! I grow my salsa garden indoors and all my vegetables are absolutely gorgeous! There is no other light like this for the price and how great it works!
Nov 16,2021
Very Easy to use and Bright
These grow lights are great. They fit any standard lamp and even have a remote control and timer. I can now set it and forget it.
Dawn M. Flannery
Nov 15,2021
Great light, easy to use
Works as described,great deal, easy to set up. Eliminates timers , bright light.