LED Grow Light Bulb 30W-100W Full Spectrum Plant Light

Aluminum body and ribbed design keeps the Bulb cool and highly efficient in luminosity. The luminous power of the plant growth bulb 100W, and the actual power consumption is about 22W. And 50W about 8~10W. 30W about 5~7W. It is energy-saving and environ


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Up to 50,000 hours
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How far should I keep the led grow light bulb from my plant?

The coverage area is up to 2.8 square feet mounted 12"-24" above the plants.Position the light roughly 10 inches away from the plant. Place your hand just above the plant for three minutes. If your hand is uncomfortable, then the light is too close. If it’s not, then you could move the light closer and reiterate or leave it at that height.

How to install grow light bulb?

You can install our LED grow light bulb With the E26/E27 base, screw in bulb and turn on. You can grow your plants anywhere near a light bulb socket. you can use this bulb in the normal table lamp as long as the lamp has enough space. This bulb has a longer diameter.

Why full spectrum?

Because our grow light bulb is full spectrum, all growth stages are covered, which means you save time by not having to research another grow light and you save money as you only need our grow light bulb. Don't spend hundreds of dollars buying bulky overhead LED grow lights.
LED grow light bulb use LED full spectrum to illuminate your plant, better than you understand your plant's needs. Led Full Spectrum Grow lights can perfect solution for winter or rainy season indoor planting of tropical plants, suitable for tropical plants,succulent flowers tobacco vegetable seedling lemon trees and all the plants that need light.

A lot of people are extremely confused about different lighting terms. Wattage is simply a measure of electricity usage. It has nothing to do with how much light a fixture generates, or for that matter, whether the type of light the fixture generates is actually good for plant photosynthesis.

Most people think of as light is measured in lumens. The more lumens a fixture generates per watt used, the more efficient the light fixture. Incandescent bulbs are very inefficient, and generate 10-15 lumens per watt . Fluorescent bulbs might get as high as 40-60 lumens per watt. Led fixtures can exceed 100 lumens per watt. So an led fixture can generate the same light, at 10% of the electricity cost, as an incandescent bulb.

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Customer reviews

Nov 24,2021
Works as expected arrived quickly
Thank you YouWu! I am often nervous about buying from non amazon stores but this product arrived just as described and quickly. I have some tomato plants that have only ever been under this bulb and they are growing!
Nov 22,2021
Works great for Tabasco plants
Bought two nearly identical Tabasco plants, for one week one plant was kept outside and got plenty of sun while the other was kept inside and under the light (≥12 hours with light on). After one week the plant kept under the light grew a very significant amount compared to the plant kept outside.
P. Binder
Nov 21,2021
Beyond expectations great light
This thing is beyond my expectations. I have never grown inside before but this seems to be doing an excellent job. I have used it for the past six weeks with no issues. It does not get extremely hot and plants are doing well.
Nov 21,2021
Great purchase!
Super bright and plenty of light for 2 fairly large sized potted palms.
Nov 19,2021
Works incredibly
Had a banana tree that has been dying because it needs to stay indoors during the winter. We were leaving it in front of a big south facing window and it wasn't cutting it. We used this light and within a week new leaves were forming and the overall health of the tree improved. It is now 4 weeks and couldn't be happier.
Nov 18,2021
It's bright and it works
So, this light is even brighter than you're probably anticipating. It is BRIGHT. Be sure to get proper eye glasses to protect your eyes or to turn the light off when you're working with the plants. No point in giving yourself cataracts from exposure to the UV light. It does get quite warm to the touch, but the metal vanes on the bulb help keep it from getting too hot. My plants are definitely growing from this. I have lettuce seedingly that exploded from freshly planted seeds to 1cm tall seedlings in 36 hours, no joke. It was pretty crazy how fast they responded to this light. I'd say one of these lights is great for the equivalent of 1 large Rubbermaid plastic tote. The light bleeds out, obviously, to other plants in the room, but I'd use one bulb per tote until it's warm enough to put the plants outside.
Nov 17,2021
Cucumbers are producing with this light!
I was trying this light out for my indoor 'edible wall' garden. I was most concerned if it would bring my cucumbers to fruit as I've had a difficult time with other lights in the past. I was pleasantly surprised. With this light. the plants seem to have consolidated their energy to producing. the vines are not long but the flower quantity and quality are amazing. The plants are only a month old and I have 5 cucumbers swelling and 10 more ready for pollination in the next few days. I have bought a second light for my tomatoes and peppers now that I know it will encourage the plants to fruit!
Nov 16,2021
Best light in my opinion and I’ve used them all
This light provides plenty of lumens to be able to keep 1-2 ft away from plants. The bulbs spectrum is perfect and my plants show it with dark green luscious leaves and bountiful flowers. Probably buy more of these same bulbs as my garden expands!
Nov 16,2021
Excellent light for the price!
I have been very impressed with this light. I grow microgreens and over-winter herbs. This light has made a tremendous difference in my yield of microgreens and the heartiness of my herbs. Everything is more lush and a deeper green. My set up is very simple and it rotates daily but using just one bulb thus far has made a huge difference. The plants are supplementd with natural light in the early hours of the day but after the sun passes their window it is on the grow light. I turn it on around noon and it goes off around 10:30pm. It is on a timer. I am using one bulb for a 24”x15” area that is often extended another 13” when needed. I find the light works well in this space. The light is about 20” above the plants. I am very pleased with the results. Have not had any problems with heat or plants not tolerating the bulb. I plan on purchasing another bulb and extending my growing as this light has made all the difference.
Nov 14,2021
So loving this bulb!!!
I am hoping my plants love this light as much as I do. Makes for a little extra light on the plants since the days are a lot shorter here in the north. I absolutely love this light. If I get more plants I will definitely get another grow bulb
Nov 13,2021
Great LED grow light!!!
I have just received this LED grow light, the quality is excellent. The purple light looks good on the plants. This LED grow lights is worth the price. I’ll recommmed it to anyone!
Nov 12,2021
My lavender plants love it!
I am using 50W Led Grow Light Bulb, Led Plant Bulb Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Vegetables and Seedlings, LED Plant Light, to grow my seedling lavender plants indoors over the fall and winter. So far, they really seem to love it! It is a full spectrum light, not just in appearance as some lights are. Since it is LED, it doesn’t get hot to the touch even being on for a ten hour stretch at a time, so it doesn’t dry out my plants or heat burn the leaves. If you are looking for a light to give warmth, this would not be the one. But for the purpose it is intended, providing the proper lighting to nourish seedlings indoors, it is perfect! I plan on purchasing more as I expand my indoor garden area.
Nov 12,2021
Very satisfied
I had an orchid that hadn’t bloomed in years as I moved and the plant no longer had a south facing location. I have the grow light hooked up to a timer for 12 hours daily and I got great flowers this year. Now it is making new leaves. I have a basil plant sharing the light and doing well too. It doesn’t get hot in the least. Don’t know how long it will last. Time will tell. I believe it actually uses much less that 50W, but that is the equivalent if it were a traditional incandescent bulb.