Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 40W Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light

40W 80 Led Grow Light with 10 Dimmable Levels, 3 9 12h Timer, 3 Switch Modes

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Customer reviews

Nov 24,2021
My plants love these!
I have a small jungle going in my house and despite having fantastic natural light there are still some corners that need help. I've purchased several grow lights of varying styles and this type is by far my favorite. I like that I can adjust each arm to a different height or angle depending on plant size and I never have to worry about the leaves hitting the top of it. It's also really nice and portable which is good because I rearrange my plants frequently. I've clipped it onto tables, shower bars, a coat rack, etc. The clamp is very strong and hasn't fallen on anything which is always my biggest worry. The light seems great. I don't know a lot about why certain spectrums work for flowering/growing/seedlings, etc, but I will say that both my coffee bush and dwarf banana tree have responded very well and put out new leaves in an area with no natural light. I leave it on the mixed red/blue setting. I now have two of these lamps and plan to buy a couple more due to their convenience.
Nov 22,2021
Super neat little lamp!
I received this light a few days ago and so far so good! I love the settings and the timer, and the fact that I can give my plants more “sunlight” during the winter months. You can set it as blue, red or both! I do wish it had a stand instead of a clip but if you can manage to make a little “growing station” then great! On the first day I got it I decided to test it at night and my purple shamrock, which closes at night and opens up during the daytime, started to open up! Lol so that’s how I know it works! I can’t wait to use it some more and see how it benefits my indoor plants, especially my succulents which need more direct sun light!
Nov 21,2021
Great lights with sturdy arms
I love these plant lights! The clip is super strong compared to a couple of the other ones I’ve tried so it stays in place really well. It has a timer function too so it will go on and off at the same time everyday which is helpful because I forget a lot of the time and they will just stay on forever. The strength of the arms is really good too. Some other ones I tried the arms would just fall down but these stay in place. They included a little pack of tools too. They are a miniature size but perfect for all my smaller plants (baby cacti). Overall I’m happy with this product. My plants seem to bloom a lot more often when I have lights on them.
Nov 20,2021
Growing well. Suitable for small to mid size garden.
Bought to use on plants inside during winter. The timer setting is easy to use and plants are growing really well on a 9hr timer. The adjustment works well to suspend the lights in position. Speedy delivery and would buy again.
Nov 20,2021
Great product, highly recommended
Fantastic grow lights - easy to use, has three timer settings and different blue / red light mixes. I’ve had them a week and I’m already seeing a difference in my plants, these are exactly what they need to get them through winter. I love the fact that it has four light heads, and they are easily manoeuvrable. The clip opens to about 3 or 4cm, so bear that in mind when choosing an edge to clip it to. US plug, so you’ll need an adapter if you live elsewhere.
Nov 18,2021
Dependable, Many Features, Solid and Sturdy Product
This is my 2nd unit (the first only has 3 arms) and I love the quality for the price. This one has 4 arms and multiple features: - red, blue, and red+blue light - multi-option timer (SET AND FORGET) - multi-option dimmer - flexible, STURDY arms - sturdy clamp - does not get hot after hours of use For the price, some might expect lower quality parts, but this is a sturdy, solid product.