Full Spectrum 4-Head LED Grow Light 80W with Adjustable Tripod

LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Red Blue Spectrum 4/8/12H Timer & 3 Modes 10 Brightness Settings, Tripod Stand Adjustable 15-63.5In, Infrared RC

$79.97 $126.00

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16.65 x 6.46 x 3.66 inches
AC 100-240V
Adjustable Tripod stand
$79.97 $126.00 37%
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80 Aviation Aluminum LEDs

All products have been closely inspected and qualified FC, CE, ROHS & UL certification. The High quality LED bulbs were made of aviation aluminum material, lasting 50000+ hours and providing steady current.

Simple control functions

3 switching modes: red spectrum, blue spectrum and red-blue mixed spectrum.
10 dimming brightness: 10% -100% brightness.
3 timing functions: 4, 8 and 12 hours.

Adjustable & Multi-Functions Tripod Stand

Extendable from 15 inches to 63.5 inches,this tripod can be adjusted to any height as you desired, short enough to put on the tabletop, tall enough to stand on the floor.



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Customer reviews

Nov 23,2021
Finally found a solution to limited lighting at home for my plant babies. I’ve been having a hard time getting enough natural lighting for my plants because I only have one East facing window and that area is already filled up with plants. I would have to rearrange and rotates my plants everyday to get them so lighting but now I found my solution. The grow light has definitely helped me with the hassle of moving my plants around so often.
Jacob G.
Nov 22,2021
Exactly what I needed
I was looking for grow lights that had a 12 hr timer function, adjustable stand, and sufficient light for my plants for winter. This product fit all of the above. Easy to install and use. No complains.
Alyson Poyner
Nov 21,2021
superior design and great plant growth!
I love this grow light so much. This is my second lights. It’s perfect for hydroponics. The flexible four-heads, strong light output, and built-in timers work really well and provide tremendous flexibility. I highly recommended these grow lights for all the reasons i have stated below, especially for taller plants!! I’ve only had it on for about a week now and can already see a significantly faster growth rate in all my young plants from succulents to tropical’s to pines, ferns, indoor plants!
Nov 20,2021
Great Product. Lights are working great for the plants
Nice package. Easy to assemble. Light colour is very good. Very bright or dim what ever you like. I love the 12-12 timer. Great for my plants that are not near a window. My plants are loving it so far.
Mlle Violetta
Nov 19,2021
Great Lamp and It comes with a stand
So, I have tried a few of those lamps but this one comes with a stand which makes it easier to use with larger plants and I even "cheated" by using it as a regular reading lamp ;). It has a remote as well that covers all the functions of the lamp. The stand is stable as well and works good once you figure out to put it together.
Michael Antiola
Nov 19,2021
Sturdy and has good coverage
Tripod very handy for high to reach places, also sturdy and the material used was not cheap. The lights itself are bendable and has red and blue, and yellow lights in it. Had timer function so you only need to set it up once unless the power goes off then youll have to set it up again. My only wish was the hands could be longer so it can have bigger coverage but i guess my plant stand is extra ordinary high too.
Keeler twin
Nov 17,2021
Perfect Flexible, adjustable height grow light
This is very adjustable and perfect for my baby Monstera Albo and friends.
Nov 16,2021
Nice Grow lights
I have other type of grow lights but that doesn't have stand and difficult to place where I exactly needed. This one helps me for that fulfill requirement. As I was looking to move some plants to indoor as done with summer and required grow lights for indoor. I have bought these and looks like we have more options to controlled by two methods, the attached electric control and a remote control for your convenience. That way you can control the lights and the timer from a distance. The timer can control the on-off sequence for the lights. Have option to adjust brightness. It has 4 led light strips We can able to setup lights how long to stay like 4, 9 and 12 hours. we can adjust 11 inches to 63 inches. I have started growing some plants and will see how that goes.
Ariel A.
Nov 15,2021
For healthy plants and bountiful harvest.
I need to move my hydroponic setup indoors as the frost in the northeast threatens my plants. Luckily my order came on time before the rigid temperature hits us. As soon as I moved my hydroponics indoor, I setup this grow light next to it. The setup of this grow light was easy as it came with telescopic stand. I was able to adjust the lights to the desired height and able to properly adjust the arm to point the light to the subject. I purchased this LED grow light for the following reason, this supports the sun’s full spectrum and being LED, this has low heat dissipation and low power consumption. The box itself contains the LED Grow Light, a remote control for the grow light functions, a power cord and telescopic stand to support this grow light on top of the plant. The remote control can program to customize the amount or intensity of illumination of each light spectrum. This will give me flexibility on different type of plant that I can grow. The control can also configure timer setting for turning the lights ON and OFF at specified amount of time. One thing that I don’t like with this is the tripod based telescopic stand, it takes so much space. I wish it came with a metal base instead to avoid the wide legs of tripod. With this contraption, I am sure my year-round indoor gardening will be fruitful. I am looking forward to my bountiful harvest.
Nov 14,2021
Great Indoor Plant Light
This is a pretty cool, flexible plant light. I had to bring my pepper plant in due to cold weather (we planted it too late in the season), and as you can see by its droopiness, it needs a little TLC and sunlight. I bought this to hopefully give it enough sunlight to finish growing the peppers. I'm quite impressed so far. It has a tripod that extends quite tall, the arms on the lights are very flexible, and it feels very sturdy. It doesn't feel like it will fall over, but it's lightweight enough to move around if needed. It has a cordless remote and a control "pad" attached to the wire, both of whicht allow you to brighten or dim the lights, and have a 4, 8 and 12-hour timer. You can also adjust his many lights are on with the remote. For something that came in such a small box, it's a pretty good sized light. I would definitely buy again.