Solar In-Ground Lights 12pcs For Garden Yard

Solar Charged at daytime, Auto trun on at night, White Color. 12 pcs include.


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8 pcs LEDs
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Customer reviews

Andrew L.
Nov 24,2021
Bright white, not yellow light
I've been searching for solar lights with a bright white light instead of the usual warm white. I find that too yellow. These were perfect and 12 was more than I needed. I really liked that each light has a protective sticker on the face. I had bought others that came all dented from shipping. Just peal off the plastic and connect the 2 piece mounting stake. There's a little weather proof on off switch and a light sensor, so they go on automatically when shaded. They look great in my walkway. Couldn't have been easier to install.
Nov 23,2021
I like these!
It’s a generous pack! They are gonna be enough for our new house even at the corner lot with a bunch of flowers. In front of each landscaping object I will place one light. As you can see in my picture, it’s easy to turn off and back on, but why’s solar! Assemble is easy, even a 3-year-old can help me do it. Don’t know how long it’s lifespan will be but it seems sturdy and durable for now! I do think yellow is maybe better than white, just give a warmer touch to the atmosphere but it’s just my taste!
Nov 21,2021
Bright & Fancy Look
I was going through several products and their review..many of them with brightness picked this after reviews which doesnt have any brightness issue. I have installed it in my lawn (the sprinklers are splashing water).it doesnt have any issue ..but its too early to find this issue..It was attracted by my neighbors.
Nov 20,2021
Unique Solar Lights, Great for Accent Lighting
I was a bit skeptical of the overall brightness of these lights at first until I saw photos of other reviews. After setting them up, they did not disappoint. The lights are bigger than they look in the photos and feel well constructed. They have a stainless steel outer covering, with plastic materials on the underside. The on and off switch are covered with a rubber protector. I left the lights out to charge for a full day and I have not noticed any of them not working due to not having a good enough charge. I prefer these over the standard "stake" solar lights. Overall, I'm happy with them and I'd buy these again.
Nov 19,2021
Adds elegance to my backyard!
Bought this to install in my backyard as my previous garden lights do not hold charge long. These lights are bright and are easy to install and I don't even need to remove them to mow the lawn. The best part is that they last all night long. Nice value for money.
Nov 19,2021
Very Bright, Easy to Install and Waterproof
These solar ground lights are very bright, easy to install, and waterproof. There are 8 LED Outdoor Solar Disk Lights in each pack, and there are 12 packs in the package. They last long enough (8 - 10 hours) as described. I install them in my backyard and I spray my backyard every evening. These solar ground lights get sprayed and they still function as expected; that’s why I can validate that they’re waterproof. It also comes with a user manual, which is very useful in guiding me how to install the spikes behind each pack of LED lights. Hopefully, those lights are long-lasting. After all, I have no problems with those lights so far. Hence. I am very satisfied.
Huang's Family
Nov 18,2021
Great lighting set for front yard ground
This set of solar ground lights are super useful and fairly simple to install. All I have to do was to hit the power on button, ensemble the yard stake together, hammer the stake down to the ground (use light pressure so you don't break the stake). The most difficult part of the installation was to place the light to the stake correctly to the 4 holes. Overall the built quality is great, the brightness is strong and it last way past midnight. This set is a upgrade to my front yard driveway.
Nov 17,2021
Love these lights!
Oh my gosh! I’m so glad I purchased these lights! They look beautiful in our front landscape. The brightness is perfect. I love them so much, I ordered another 12pack for our back bed! Definitely recommend these. You won’t be disappointed. Just so you know, when you open them and assemble them. Be sure and turn them on. You won’t see them light in the sun. You will see them light inside. At first I thought I didn’t turn them on. Then I came back inside and realized I did. They were easy to assemble and put in the ground. Just don’t press on the face when installing. You might break the solar face. I tried use my palm and slightly press around the edge of the light. They went into ground easily. I didn’t rate the weatherproofing. It hasn’t rained on them yet. Hoping they stand up to the sprinklers and rain.
Kindle Customer
Nov 16,2021
Buy these!
I waited to write a review on these until some time passed and we had a few good rains because some of the reviews claimed they don’t work as well afterwards. We’ve had multiple torrential downpours since I installed these and they are still going strong. But I do recommend maybe not shoving them all the way flush with the ground - I could see how that could make anything malfunction. I have mine sitting up just a little bit so the ground can dry appropriately underneath. They look great and I get so many compliments. I’ve already recommended them to a few friends and neighbors. I was also impressed by a couple of them that don’t get as much sunlight as others - they light up just as bright as if they got a full sun charge....potentially not as long, but I don’t stay up until 4am to find out :) Will definitely be getting more of these!
Nov 14,2021
These are the lights you've been looking for.
I've been looking for solar lights for a while to line my driveway, but something that people wouldn't be tripping over all the time, stray dogs wouldn't run off with, the UPS truck wouldn't take out, etc. I think I finally found them. These cost a bit more than your typical $1/$2/$3 landscape lights at Walmart, but they are worth it.
Nov 14,2021
Weed-wacker-proof! Replaced my accent lights with these. Good value!
I’ve gone through four different types of solar outdoor accent lights over the past five years and, while they look really nice at night, they are always in the way when I cut the grass; I’ve accidentally destroyed many of them with the weed trimmer. I found these and couldn’t be happier. They are relatively inexpensive, they are easy to install and they stay bright all night.
Nov 12,2021
Nice and Beautiful at night.
This set is amazing. It is currently late spring here and these were installed under the shades of the tree. Despite the facts that they were under the shade, they still managed to get enough juice to operate for a few hours (3 hours approx.) I can’t imagine how long it will last during summer time. Temperature here is around 30 to 40 Fahrenheit. I have on both sides of my house and the other side lasts longer because they have direct sunlight. Great set!