Solar Fence Lights with Warm and RGB color two model (6 Pack)

Solar fence lights Solar Pathway Light for Stairs, Fence, Deck, Garden, Patio Yard, Porch and Step. RGB and Warm Two Color Model. 8-16 Hours work time at night.


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1 Warm White+1 Color Changing
2V 0.26W
1.2V 600mAh NI-CD
6 Packs
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Solar fence lights Solar fence lights
These solar fence lights are enough to illuminate your fence and add a warm or colorful atmosphere to your yard.
Solar deck lights Solar Stair light
These solar stair lights fit perfectly to illuminate the deck and provide you with a safe and bright way home.
Solar garden lights Solar garden lights
These solar garden lights are waterproof. With their hard work, the garden has become bright and beautiful at night.
3 Color Changing Mode
These solar garden lights With Color Changing Mode is nice for holidays..
Warm Tips:
  1. Make sure that the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight, which will fully charge the battery.
  2. Please be kindly noted that as a solar powered product, the working time is weather sensitive.
  3. For the first time use, make sure to expose the solar wall light to the Sunny day for 4-5 hours to fully charging the battery enough.

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Customer reviews

D. Castillo
Jan 24,2022
Sophisticated looking bright lights
I’ve only had these one day but was pleased with the lighting. Before I took them outside: I turned them on white light, connected the shade and adhered gorilla doubled sided tape. Then simply put them in center of each section of my deck fence. If I want to screw them in later I can. Would like to see how long they last since changing the battery would also mean unscrewing them from deck. I had purchased step lights in the past. These appear far superior in manufacturing. Heavier plastics and also more attractive.
Jan 24,2022
Perfect summer night ambiance!
These are extremely easy to install and they give off a very nice glow! The light portion just snaps into place. It comes with two screws per light to attached to a wooden or soft surface, but for metal or concrete (or materials that can’t be drilled into easily) I saw advice for this product to use double sticky tape, and I’ve found these adhesive dots work really well! I used 2 per light. Very happy with this purchase!
Jan 22,2022
Great highlight for your fence or fence posts
I got these installed on my fence. It is very easy to set up and only took minutes to screw in. You can choose multi-colored or white LED light and is just the right amount of light throw. It adds a nice touch to the fence and a good highlight. Only thing is that you can not easily switch back and forth between white and colored because the switch is inside the clear plastic part. It is lightweight and only uses 2 screws (included) each to screw into the fence. And at this price, it comes with 6 pack of lights. This is a great value!!!
Jan 22,2022
Just what I expected. IGot 18 of them. Not disappointed. THey are atop my fence rails. we sit and entertain there. They shed more light than I expected. Fiddly at first to get the plastic guard on. Two sided tape supplied made the job of installing a cinch. After they are up, it's no trouble to pull The plastic guard off and change from white light to coloured. TWo of them didn't come on the first night, but after absorbing the sun, they came on the second night. I am not turning on my outside light. These are sufficient. Not enough to play cards or read, but you can see each other no trouble.. I used two sided gorilla tape on a few, but much prefer what was supplied. Very handsome. A bit pricey, though.
Jan 21,2022
Lights add to the ambience a warm and inviting feel
My husband and I have been working hard to create an inviting backyard space. This pandemic has us realizing our outdoor space will be a perfect place to spend our New England fall season with friends and family near the fire pit. We purchased a string of lights but struggled to attach the lights to our PVC fence. We didn’t want to put holes in the fence and didn’t like the traditional lights we have seen at our local hardware store. After hours of searching, we came across these solar powered lights. We also read another review which mentioned using double sided tape to attach the lights. Realizing the lights could be attached with the tape and powered by the sun made this the perfect purchase for us. The lights are small and rectangular! We put them up above the string of lights to complete a comparison. You can see how bright the lights are compared to the traditional outdoor lights in the photo. They give off the same amount of brightness as a single bulb. The best part is the lights can be placed anywhere since they are solar powered and not attached with a wire. I placed the three extra lights on our deck stairs. They add another level of safety we have come to enjoy. These lights are perfect to add a warm feeling to your late nights. They were ready to install moments after taking them out of the box, a five year can do it. They only part I don’t like is the colored feature doesn’t allow you to chose one color at a time. We were hoping to use them during each holiday season to add to the holiday festivities but couldn’t figure out away to synchronize the colors and isolate to one color at a time. Overall, we are happy with our purchase and can’t wait to surprise our friends with the updates look.
Jan 20,2022
Perfect Deck Lighting
Packaged well, easy to snap together, easy to install. We used double-sided, clear Gorilla tape and had no problems with them sticking to our deck railing. Provides warm, ambient lighting at a medium brightness that's perfect entertaining. Lights glow all night when they get enough sunlight. I love that I never have to worry about turning them on or off! :)
Kyu clark
Jan 18,2022
Love it
I love it this is really easy to install i used Heavy duty tape ! Working so good !
Jan 17,2022
These are just perfect! Be sure to turn the switch on all of them before assembly! I know that sounds like a no brained but I did the switch as I was putting them on. I bought 2 sets and put them down deck steps. The next day 3 didn’t light up! It was my fault I didn’t switch those to the ‘on’ position. Bummer is not only do you have to remove them from the step but you have to take them apart again. I learned the hard way. If I did them again I would sit and do all the switches at once, then take them to the steps. Screws are tiny and I stripped a few taking them off. Went to Home Depot and wanted #4 screws. However, they did not have them long enough. So I got #6 x 1 1/4” and they worked out great! Very happy with these!
Jan 17,2022
Easy to attach to fence, looks great
Item was easy to attach to my new fence. I used double sided Gorilla sticky tape. Using the warm light until holidays then I can set to changing colors.
Jennie Gisslow
Jan 15,2022
Prettiest Outdoor Solar Lights Ever
On quarantine we have had a lot of time to get our garden in order, and have been experimenting with various solar lights. I am a designer, and very particular about lighting. Theses ones are by far our most favorite, they are a very warm white (probably 2700K) not too bright, and cast a beautiful soft glow wherever you mount them. We started on our fence posts, which looks so handsome, and have since found many other locations that look great on (like our brick wall, back steps, etc...), they don't seem to need too much sunshine to get a decent charge that lasts several hours, and the areas that don't get enough sun we just slip the fixture on (use finishing nails instead of screws) and charge them in a sunnier location and slip them back on. My only complaint is the company has a hard time to keep them in stock, we've ordered five sets now, and want a couple more! Forgot to mention, they are really affordable too!