Solar Interaction wall lamp Classics 100 Led(4 Pack)

4 Packs Outdoor 100 LED 600 Lumens with 270º Motion Sensor Security Solar Power Wall lamp for Step light, backyard light, street light, garage light. 3 Intelligent Modes, Energy Saving and Eco-friendly


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100 SMD
4 Packs
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Energy Saving, No Electricity Fees
Powered by solar energy, no electricity fees or other pollution. Focuses on the innovation of design and technology to provide the most energy-saving solar lights to the world. Without any electricity fees at all.

High-efficient Solar Panel
Equipped with the High-efficient Solar Panel, solar lights can charge 23% and the reflective structures can reduce the lighting loss.faster than normal solar lights, allowing the battery in a better condition all the time.

Enhanced PIR Motion Sensor
Equipped with enhanced PIR motion detector, our solar outdoor light can detects motion sensitivity up to 16 feet within an angle of 270 agrees. The recommended install height is 6.6-9.8 feet, the specified mode will be activated when someone passing.

270° Wider Lighting Angle
Featuring wide range design and high-efficient 100 LEDs, increase the illumination angle to 270 °,one light can reach 20㎡ and 80㎡ , for 4 lights to be used simultaneously. Bring comfort and security to your family.

All Weather Ready
Made of high-strength ABS, it's specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions,IP65 waterproof to ensure the light work properly no matter rain, snow or heat. Great workmanship and high quality material keep your house light up every night.

Ultra Bright Lighting
With 100 led white lights in 4 sides, it can provide way brighter and wider outdoor lighting for places around your house, such as porch, driveway, patio, pathway, fences, wall, stair, garage, cellar, attic, front porch, balcony, walkway, caravan etc.

Warm Tips:
1.In order to maximize the lighting effect, please make sure that the solar landscape spotlight is full of sunlight electricity.It's important to install the light in a location that away from the shade caused by trees, buildings etc.

2.That whether the solar outdoor lights can produce the best lighting effect or not depends on sunlight intensity, geographical location, weather conditions, seasons and other conditions.

3.Please confirm the switch is under "on" status so that the light could be charged normally and auto lights on at night.

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Customer reviews

Keisha george
Nov 23,2021
Excellent quality and performance!!
I’m amazed with how sensitive my lights motion detectors are. They are bright as I wanted and even better than expected. I received numerous compliments on them and look forward to purchase more as gifts.
Melissa M.
Nov 23,2021
Good for lighting up the yard
I like how easy they are to install. I like that the mode button is on the front. They work good for lighting up the yard. I wanted them for my garden to keep raccoons from stealing my fruit and vegetables. They work well. They do go off rather quickly, unless you continually move around. But they are a great value for the price.
Christopher L Sevilla
Nov 21,2021
Great, bright lights with a small footprint!
These little solar lights far exceeded my expectations! They are extremely bright! They have three different modes, always on high bright, always on low and when motion is sensed they switch to bright or always off and full bright when motion is sensed. I enjoy having them always on low and switch to bright with motion, I have put them on my vinyl fence in my back yard at the very back. I have a quite large yard and when I let my dogs out at night I can't see them if they go too far. These lights have solved that problem, not only can I see the back perimeter of my yard but when the dogs are back there they switch to full bright and really light up! I just used some 3m double sided tape to mount them to my vinyl fence but they do come with enough screws and wall anchors that you could attach them to anything (wood,concrete, brick etc). Once charged they do last the whole night without going dead, from dusk to dawn! I am very pleased with them and love the look they have created in my yard! They are also quite small which is nice because it opens up the possibilities of where you can put them! Idefinitely recommend them!
Nov 21,2021
Perfect light for out door
I will admit, I was a bit nervous getting these because I have never heard of the product brand name. Takes about 6-7 hours to charge. I sat them in the sun in the morning and by dinner time, I had them up and installed and they were working. The range is fairly far. I am making a guess but I was able to trigger the motion detector from about 10-12 feet away in the woods while walking. I also noticed one of the motion triggers was able to pick up passing cars on the road and the sensor light is fairly far from the road. Must be the way I have it positioned and the way the cars come down the hill/road but it's picking up cars from more than 20 feet away. The lights stay on for about 15 seconds when triggered. I plan to buy a second set of 4.
Mario Bouchard
Nov 20,2021
Working as it's describe
Very nice out door lights. The sensor work fine at night . The lights are very Bright. The price is right
Inna Grant
Nov 19,2021
Super Bright
I put one on my shed and another one by my patio so they are worth the money. They are super bright.
Nov 18,2021
Definitely worth buying!! I will be getting more!!!!
These are worth buying. They actually work!! I put them up on the outside of my front and back door, on both sides of the door. They are bright and help when I bring my dogs out at night. I will be telling my friends and family about these and I will be getting more! Plus the price is not bad. You can spend roughly the same amount on some similar products that don??t work as well.
Jorge Gonzalez
Nov 16,2021
they work real good
I love them
Jordan Stewart
Nov 15,2021
very nice product
Very bright and work well
Nov 15,2021
Excellent choice that I made!
Great Product!
Steve's Stuff
Nov 14,2021
Great item.
Great item. Works perfectly.
Doc Glenn
Nov 12,2021
Motion Sensor
The product came as expected but the size is a little smaller that I thought. It is obviously serves the purpose, I charged them right away to test and they worked.
Nov 11,2021
Muy buena iluminaci??n
Excelente me encantan
Atasha J
Nov 10,2021
Super bright
Worth more then what I payed! EXCELLENT!!!
Pat J. Block
Nov 10,2021
Solar lights
Bright solar lights-easy installation too! Highly recommend
Nov 08,2021
Very good product. I have 12 units.
Very good product I bought one had it for two months. I have 12 units now.
K. Parish1
Nov 08,2021
A Great Addition to Your Home.
I love these so much I ordered 3 packages. I placed them on my fence throughout the yard and just like that my yard is gorgeous at sunset. No fuss no batteries the sun does all the work. What a great addition and a good investment.